Environmental Design and Art by Heather Novak-Peterson

50 South 6th @9

Custom environmental graphics and branding celebrating the urban experience of 50 South 6th's location with their new amenity center named @9. Graphics play with the spacial qualities of the corridors while custom wall covering in the lounge was created from photographing neighboring towers so the visual perspective of the lines would match the views out the windows from this unique view of downtown Minneapolis. Graphics throughout the workout area are inspired by the Grand Rounds that lace through the Minneapolis park system connecting neighborhoods by bike trails and circling the downtown area. These custom graphics explore the energy and beauty of the city, while also celebrating the outdoors from the interior of an amenity center on the 9th floor of a multi-tenant tower in downtown Minneapolis.

This project was recognized with an Excellence in Design Award from MNCREW in 2017.

On site images courtesy of Brandon Stengel  brandon.stengel@farmkidstudios.com

Architect & Interior Design of Record is Studio Hive (now DLR)