Environmental Design and Art by Heather Novak-Peterson

Borough | Parlour

The Borough Restaurant and Parlour Bar are a fantastic destination for foodies and beverage worshippers in the North Loop Neighborhood of Minneapolis. The identity for both was created with the feeling of something being sincere and handmade to match the intensity that the chiefs felt about their food. Hand drawn logos and sketched butcher knives follow thru all of the supporting materials used in the restaurant. The custom wall graphics for the Parlour added to the playful sense of neighborhood. I photographed the neighboring streets vistas and then reassembled them to give a surreal sense of place with a conflicting view of accuracy. "Beer girl" slyly raises 2 glasses in a fun sense of 1950s naughtiness - but stays classy at the same time.

This project was honored with a F.A.B. (Fresh Artistic and Brilliant) MN IIDA Design Award in 2012.

On site images courtesy of Brandon Stengel  brandon.stengel@farmkidstudios.com

Architect of Record is ESG Architects and Design