Environmental Design and Art by Heather Novak-Peterson

Constructive Babble

Taste the Thought

Where do you get your inspiration from?  I am fascinated when people ask that question to each other. It is often a search that people are trying to find in themselves, and by asking, they think they will be able to cut thru the journey and arrive at the same destination if they just ask for directions first. Inspiration is a dream-like state, and like dreams that you feel you have experienced, when you describe them to others and recount all of the details, it is hard to convey the essence you felt because you need to illustrate an environment that connects all of your senses in order to get the experience.  A scent floating across a room, the sound of someone’s laugh, the color of an old sign, can instantly bring you to a place you have experienced in your memory.

Inspiration comes to us in an environment.  We taste the air and see the sounds around us that make us feel and dream and inspire. 

So, where did I get my inspiration today? I got it from seeing the light shining off of the rain drops on the window by my desk as a storm pushes down the street.