Environmental Design and Art by Heather Novak-Peterson

Constructive Babble

Taken Out of Context

What comes to mind when you hear someone label something as ...”taken out of context”? Is it some intriguing secret double meaning that was accidentally discovered, or a mental bandage trying to cover-up some kind of mistake that got lost in translation?

One of the greatest secrets in seeing things differently is taking the risk to step outside of the main stream and embrace the idea of taking things out of context. You do not need to go to some gorgeous, distant exotic land in order to appreciate the sunset unless you need to take yourself into another context so you can see it and truly feel it.  We all find context in different ways.

But, be warned.  Embracing the hidden ideas behind simple truths is not for the faint of heart. The uncomfortable giggle, sarcastic eye roll – or even worse – bone crushing silence – can all make you feel like running back to the herd.

The greatest expression of originality when communicating ideas is looking for your own true context. The reward is a source of inspiration and a joy in revealing something old in a new way.