Environmental Design and Art by Heather Novak-Peterson

Nic on 5th

Nic on 5th had a problem that they needed a creative solution for. They just opened a luxury rental tower in downtown Minneapolis with a gorgeous glass podium full of empty retail spaces waiting to be developed. Nic wanted to maintain the building's sense of elegance and class but found that people walking by could see ladders, cabling and storage bins piled into the large empty spaces. This problem was creatively solved by temporarily obscuring the retail spaces with custom designed window film to create a stained-glass, fine art appeal until the spaces are ready to be developed. The film applied to the glass is cost effective and tailored to the windows, providing an art installation appeal that can stay up for a few months or a few years. Branding and leasing information was incorporated into a few key window panes while the rest of the windows flow into one another through the graphic lines; giving a playfully organic surface appearance to the strongly rectilinear architecture.

Images shot by Heather Novak-Peterson

Design Architect is ESG Architects & Design and the Opus Group