Environmental Design and Art by Heather Novak-Peterson

Smack Shack

Smack Shack, the award winning food truck turned brick-and-mortar restaurant is a fun celebration of New England seafood without the little butter jar over a candle. I first designed a series of large window graphics that covered the large warehouse window openings during construction to obscure the details of construction, but also give a playful message to the neighborhood that Smack Shack would be coming soon. Unforeseen delays with construction in a historic building and the excitement of a food icon coming to a new building in the North Loop neighborhood of Minneapolis, the window gels acted as an important flirty ad campaign that gave very little details, but kept the crowd interested. 

The custom wallpaper designed for the inside of the restaurant was to educate people on what the definition of a Smack Shack was, but also give architectural details to the history of boats. Illustrations of the owners and the name of one of their daughters was secretly put into the design, and only the customers that know them as close friends will know.

This project was recognized with a national advertising award for the window design campaign from the SMPS in 2014.

On site images courtesy of Brandon Stengel  brandon.stengel@farmkidstudios.com

Architect of Record is ESG Architects and Design