Environmental Design and Art by Heather Novak-Peterson

The 15 Building

Complimenting the artistic intent of Korbra’s depiction of Bob Dylan in the exterior mural, the concept of celebrating local rebels carries through all of the interior murals of this 12 story building, with a fusion of urban art, screaming the passion in an almost graffiti type way, of heroic MN leaders from all types of industries. Each location tells an allegorical story, merging the artistic spirit of a place into an iconic visual landmark. Tone and texture wrap the building in key locations invoking the urban vitality of Minneapolis with layers of visual sound and color. 


The 15 Building is an artistically iconic landmark in downtown Minneapolis. Known by it’s nickname, the “Bob Dylan Building” with its colorful exterior mural facing Hennepin Ave, created by Eduardo Kobra; the exterior art work became the inspiration to connect throughout the interior of all 10 floors.

The brand and signage was updated to reflect the pop of urban vitality that is visually woven throughout the building.


Architect of Record is RSP Architects