Environmental Design and Art by Heather Novak-Peterson

The Andrus

Inspired by the feelings of historic context layered with the urban vibrancy of street art, the environmental design and art created for The Andrus go beyond being just decorative pieces, and play with the architectural lines and interiors of this space. The 5’ x 8’ painting I created of one of my greatest artistic influences, Jean Michel Basquait, is quietly waiting in the lobby with his gaze looking out of Nicollet Mall in downtown Minneapolis. The 4’ x 14’ graffitied art installation across the lobby’s other side is a collection of hand mounted ceiling tiles in a pattern that matches the original historic ceiling of the main level in the late 1920’s, mounted vertically as art, and covered in urban tags in a train car style. Custom wall coverings were designed as a secondary layer of graphics in 3 adjacent locations. Inspired by the portrait of Basquait, the wall coverings are giant photographs of the original ceiling tile, toned and reprinted repeatedly in a pop art style and then color half tone printed as a nod to Andy Warhol, one of Jean Michel’s greatest mentors and collaborators. The resulting pattern redefines itself as your focal distance changes, giving a holographic impression that reinvents itself each time you walk by.

Architect of Record is RSP Architects.